Quantumwave Cold Laser System

Cold lasers are a class of low level lasers which are often referred to as soft lasers, therapeutic lasers, healing lasers or low level laser therapy. They are low powered lasers which do not cut or burn tissue, rather they work to gently donate energy or waves of photons to rejuvenate the cell.

Low level lasers are very popular because they donate energy to cells which stimulates the mitochondria or the part of the cell which makes energy known as ATP (Adenosinetriphosphate) which is the energy molecule which governs 80-90% of the cells’ activities.

Cold lasers work in much the same way that sunlight on a garden works. The sunlight donates energy in the form oh photons which in turn stimulates plants and vegetables to grow faster and more efficiently. Low level lasers work n the same way of donating photons or energy which in turn regenerates tissue and cells.

Where can Low Level Lasers be used?

Soft healing lasers are being used in all facets of health care from doctors and physicians to alternative health providers such as chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopaths, osteopaths, massage therapists and healers.

For many years healing lasers were primarily used health practitioners and veterinarians because of the hgih cost of laser technology. With less expensive laser technology many lay people are also taking advantage of the amazing healing properties of laser therapy and are purchasing their own soft lasers. Scalarwave Lasers have been designed for both the lay person and health provider.

Many sports teams and athletes across the US and Canada that use the Quantumwave Laser, the Miami Heat, the San Francisco 49ers, The New York Giants, the Miami Dolphins, Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods to name a few.

What are Scalar Waves?

Scalar waves are revolutionary neutral waves of energy. They do not have polarity and therefore, do not travel in a linear fashion from past to present. They are unified field energy, which is profoundly effective for neutralizing chronic pain, stress, dis-ease and cell memory of any kind.

All polarity is a contraction of the unified field and what makes scalar waves so unique is that they are able to unwind and clear these contractions.

How is the Quantumwave Scalarwave Laser Different to Other Lasers?

The Scalarwave Laser is the first truly quantum laser rejuvenation system. The Scalarwave Laser is revolutionary in its ability to neutalize and clear cell memory. This unique feature is made possible by our patent pending scalar wave technology.

All low level lasers donate energy in order to rejuvenate the cell. What makes Quantumwave Coldlaser System’s lasers truly unique is the ability to clear the cell memory. Cell memory is the stress or tension pattern underneath all injury and dis-ease. Our proprietary technology activates scalar waves which neutralize all polarity and shift the cell memory.

This quantum laser approach can be applied to injuries, stress, tension, dis-ease, or to activate the key body systems such as glands, organs, chakras, meridians or any of the cells which make up the body

Applications the Quantumwave Cold Laser System can be Used For

  • muscle and joint pain
  • muscle spasms
  • arthritis
  • release tension, stiffness, muscle spasms
  • injuries
  • circulation
  • decrease inflammation
  • deep relaxation
  • cellular rejuvenation
  • detoxification
  • emotional and energetic releases
  • acupuncture
  • meridian and chakra healing
  • facial rejuvenation and anti-aging

ScalarLaser Handheld Unit

ScalarLaser Handheld unit is a comfortably designed, portable over the counter laser. It has 8 Red, 8 Infra Red laser diodes and 20 Violet LED wavelengths for a wider surface area and increased output. It has an easy to use, programmable interface, is compact and easy to use digital interface. All of these features, along with our cell memory dissolving ScalarWave Technology, make the ScalarLaser a truly unique and special gift.

The ScalarLaser is the most affordable laser with advanced technological features. It is cleared by FDA, Health Canada CE and TGA, hand made and fine tuned in the State of Vermont USA in an approved ISO1345 medical manufacturing facility.

Powerful ScalarProbes

The ScalarLaser has three additional 100mw ScalarProbes, featuring 100mw diodes in the Red, Infrared, Violet wavelengths. these are some of the most powerful lasers cleared for over the counter use. They plug in and are driven by the ScalarLaser Handheld unit and also include full programmability, special violet spectrum technology, and our unique ScalarWave approach.

Only the ScalarLaser combines the amazing benefits of 3 unique laser wavelengths into one innovative system.

Red spectrum wavelengths 650nm:100mw: for surface, tissue, skin, muscle and nerves.

Infrared spectrum wavelengths 780nm:100mw: for deeper cells, bone, tendon, cartilage, disc

Violet spectrum wavelengths 405nam:100mw: unwind stress, emotions, subtle energy, meridians, chakras, longevity,


The Quantumfield Inducer, or QiFI, is a revolutionary instrument that induces very subtle scalarwaves to dissolve stress, EMFs and disharmony from the atmosphere or space of one’e home, office, studio, centre, practice or sanctuary. The quantumfield energy puritication system uses a unique approach to inducing scalar waves that has a subtle stillpoint response. This is done by digitally processing, collapsing and weaving subtle waves through a proprietary crystalline technology. This process opens up space and induces a very subtle opening into the neutral, subtle stillpoint yogic condition.

The QiFi dissolves and neutralizes disharmonious fields from electricity, WiFi, cell phone towers, smart meters and stress or emotional pollution. It gently induces subtle scalarwaves to dissolve challenges and induce stillpoint.

Many who have experienced the QiFi share that they notice an immediate and profound sense of euphoria as they dissolve and drop into stillpoint. This stillpoint response induces people, animals, plants and one’s entire space into a very subtle neutral condition.

The QiFi is portable and can be used in different locations. Many use it while travelling in hotels or areas with energetic pollution. It is programmable with 6 settings to condition any area into stillpoint.

Join us for Quantumwave Laser Seminars or Visit Us at Local Trade Shows

We frequently host seminars with the Founder, Paul Weisbart on the Quantumwave Lasers and QiFi to introduce easy-to-use techniques for clearing stress, tension and pain using this non-linear energy of the universe for health and rejuvention. You may also find us promoting the Quantumwave Lasers at many local health and wellness trade shows. Please check the Events Calendar for the schedule of events.

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