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Sylvia Galletta

Sylvia Galletta CAHT, CRHP, is a Natural Health Practitioner, Certified Aromatherapist, Reiki Master, and yoga teacher whose passion for holistic energy and bodywork was first inspired by the intelligence of yoga.

Sylvia creates a thoughtful and nurturing healing environment while using an integrated approach to provide individualized care that works toward balancing the body’s systems, supporting its natural defense against illness and the ability to heal itself. She believes that working with the integration of the holistic body, mind, emotion, and spirit is what creates positive, lasting changes for healing.

Sylvia Galletta, CAHT, CRHP trained at the Transformational Arts College in Toronto, Ontario Canada. As a Certified Aromatherapist and Reflexologist, she is member of the Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners and is licensed as a Holistic Practitioner through the City of Toronto.

Sylvia completed teacher trainings at Ahimsa Yoga Centre, Octopus Garden Holistic Yoga Centre, The Yoga Sanctuary Yoga Centre (Yin Yoga), all in Toronto ON and Biodynamic Living & The Path Yoga Centre, from BC (Restorative Yoga).

After many years of stress and overworked in the corporate world, I came to a point of realizing there was so much more that I wanted to explore and integrate into my life beyond the physical existence. It was time in my life I wanted, NEEDED, to go deep and discover so much more of myself. After a year of soul searching, I discovered how I could take what I knew to be physical health and layer in the emotional, mental and spiritual connections to enrich the journey of becoming all that I could be and that would, could, lead to healing, peace and joy. Now, I choose to bring purpose to my life by helping others find balance in their “being”.

Client comments about Light Body

“The series of Bowen treatments I received from Sylvia have facilitated some very positive changes in my life. Much of the joint and muscle pain I was living with has gone, I no longer have Indigestion and my Asthma is greatly improved. The biggest surprise for me, which was unexpected, I was able to clear some big emotional blocks that were holding me back! I am grateful for this therapy and will continue to have treatments on a regular basis”.

Debbie Ingham, , Toronto

“I attended my first restorative yoga class just as my maternity leave was coming to an end. It was the perfect opportunity to regroup and find balance and harmony. Sylvia [and Michelle] created a thoughtful and nuturing healing environment. The addition of some energy and body work that Sylvia performed on each us during the class was an unexpected but welcomed treat!” 

Beth Dewitt, , Toronto

“THAT (Restorative Yoga Class) was the most beneficial 2 hours I have spent in a long while. My spine feels supple; no stiffness whatsoever in the lower back and shoulders. The tandem approach was perfect harmony. Thank you and happy I took myself out for this.”

Audrey Demers, , Toronto

Yoga class was awesome! Feel like I have a whole new body, all negative energy flew away along with aches and pains and grumpiness! 

Susan Sapin, , Toronto

Natural Health Energy & Bodywork

Come experience nature’s living energy in essential oils with Aromatherapy Massage Techniques, the physical & energetic releases from Bowen Therapy, the meditative, relaxing energy of Reiki or the soothing Reflexology foot massage.

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