ENERGY & BODYWORK THERAPY – AromaShapes Technique™

AromaShapes Technique™ is a unique path to natural body sculpting incorporating essential oils, breathing technique and bodywork application techniques followed up with a personal maintenance plan to help ensure permanent results. It is a method of removing trapped carbon dioxide from the body that builds up over time in tissue and fat cells and intercellular matrix causing the body to retain fluid and fat. There are several things that may cause this to happen. Stress, shallow breathing, swallowing air (chewing gum), holding in gas that the body is trying to release through belching, flatulence, or consuming certain foods. Emotions are one of the main causes.

AromaShapes Technique™ sessions usually result in measurable inch loss and create a favorable environment to successfully lose lymphatic fluid and fat when previous efforts have failed. Possible benefits of removing carbon dioxide from the body with this technique include but are not limited to:

  • reshape your body; reduce inches
  • reshaping of body contours
  • improvement in appearance of cellulite areas
  • improve flexibility,
  • relieve pain caused from internal pressure
  • promote weight loss and alkalization
  • release extra weight around your abdomen
  • relief of constipation
  • longer lasting relief of edema and swelling in leg, arms, ankles
  • increased energy and stamina
  • improve sleep
  • lower blood sugar levels
  • minimize chances of developing ulcers

Individual results will vary. As essential oils are applied, they absorb very quickly and may start the process of releasing carbon dioxide from the tissues and cells. Yawning correctly helps signal the body that it is okay to release the carbon dioxide. The application technique used assists in moving the carbon dioxide as it is being released towards exit pathways. The body usually recognizes what is happening and begins to “work” with the process.

Initial Consultation & Single Treatment: $125.00
Series of 3 Treatments + Body Wrap Session: $450.00

*Only Young Living Essential Oils are used in all Aromatherapy techniques.