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The World Leader in Essential Oils . . . The Young Living Mission:

“We honor our stewardship to champion nature’s living energy – essential oils – by fostering a community of healing and discovery while inspiring individuals to wellness, purpose, and abundance”.

Young Living Essential Oils is world renowned for its all natural pure, essential oils and oil blends, oil-infused nutritional supplements, body and bath products, skin-care and homecare, and petcare solutions. Founded by D. Gary Young in 1994, his commitment to understanding the remarkable therapeutic power of plants has resulted in the world’s largest collection of essential oils and blends and in sharing Young Living’s message of wellness, purpose, abundance, and vitality.

The Young Living Farms

“Our commitment to quality starts with our farms”. Young Living owns and operates 12 farms and distilleries, as well as partners with many other farms who embrace the company’s vision to quality. These farms allow us to produce the purest and highest quality essential oils and have never been polluted with herbicides, pesticides, or chemicals of any kind!

By cultivating, harvesting, and distilling many of our essential oils on our very own farms, Young Living has the unique ability to verify quality at every step of the process. This combined with extensive laboratory testing and independent audits, we consistently exceed our own industry-leading quality standards.

This commitment to quality, inspired by the fields, forests, and jungles that surround our organic farms, fuels D. Gary Young’s passion to constantly discover new botanicals and essential oils, which helps us bring more of nature’s greatest gifts to people everywhere. In his own words, D.Gary Young affirms the why for creating this incredible company – “I don’t make a product for a profit. I make it for a purpose.”

Experience the power, purity and potency of nature’s living energy in essential oils from  Young Living to inspire healing and wellness within. Young Living Therapeutic Grade (YLTG) means that every essential oil sourced has the optimal naturally-occurring constituents to maximize the desired effect. Young Living makes this assertion because of the strict cultivation and attention to detail, from the seeds sown to the plants harvested, known as the Seed to Seal™ commitment and process. Young Living prides itself on this process where they select, cultivate, monitor, harvest and test the plant and essential oil, and in sealing each bottle from their own farms, distilleries and labs. Enjoy the experience at each stage of the Seed to Seal process below™.

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Get Started with Young Living Premium Starter Kit:

Getting started is simple with the Premium Starter Kit, which includes:

Premium Essential Oils Collections~10 of the most versatile oils for daily use:

Singles: Lemon,  Lavender, Frankincense, Peppermint, Copaiba
Blends: Thieves™, Panaway™, RC™, Purification™,  DiGize™
Flex Oils: Tea Tree, Wintergreen, Lemongrass, AromaEase™, Citrus Fresh™
Bonus Single: Northern Lights Black Spruce (from Fort Nelson BC farm!) 

Dewdrop Diffuser or Desert Mist Diffuser
Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier 1 oz
AromaGlide Roller Fitment
10 Love It? Share It! Sample Business Cards (5 English/5 French)
10 Love it? Share It! Sample Oil Bottles
2 NingXia™ Red 2oz samples
Product Guide (English & French)
Member Resources


Essential Oils:

Young Living Essential Oils now have many that are Health Canada approved Natural Health Products (NHP’s). Committed to leading the industry in sharing essential oils with integrity, Young Living now has over 60 new Health Canada approved products as Natural Health Products (NHP’s). Natural health products (NHPs) are naturally occurring substances that are used to restore or maintain good health.. These oils now registered as (NHPs) with Health Canada means that each of Young Livings NHP essential oils or products have been reviewed by Health Canada, who determined that sufficient scientific evidence exists to substantiate that these oils can help restore, maintain, or improve health. NHP registrations are unique to Health Canada, and therefore Young Living Canada members. Our NHP registered oils give Canadian members a powerful voice when it comes to sharing essential oils. The US market will not be able to share essential oils using Canada’s approved NHP claims.

Young Living: Natural Remedies Guide (link)

With approximately 200 essential oils to choose from, the selection can be overwhelming. Young Living has also assembled collections to guide you toward harmony and wellness. These harmonic selections of essential oils and blends make it easy to choose the best Young Living single or blends of essential oils for your unique needs.

  • Premium Starter Kit™
  • Everyday Oils™Collection
  • Feelings™Kit
  • Raindrop Technique™Collection
  • Oils of Ancient Scripture™Collection
  • Golden Touch™Collection
  • Freedom Sleep & Release™Bundle
  • Infused 7™
  • Reconnect™
  • Select 30™Oil Collection

Essential Living:

Personal Care for Face, Body & Hair | Kidscents™| Animal Scents™Petcare

Home Care | Thieves™ Product Line

Young Living provides healthy solutions for green living free from harmful chemicals with personal and home care products, including the popular Thieves™collection, that are infused with YLTG essential oils. These products are powerful and effective natural alternatives to many of the toxic commercial products in homes. They are safe and effective for use by all family members, including your children and pets.

According to the specific essential oils and supplements listed as NHP’s you can feel good about reaching for Young Living essential oils, blends and products for relaxation and uplifting your spirit, relieving headaches and joint or muscle pain associated with sprains, strains & rheumatoid arthritis, digestive discomforts, cough & colds, acne or boils and minor skin irritations, cuts, bruises, burns and relief from eczema or dermatitis, cleaning and purifying your home and so much more…..

Essential Nutrition:

NingXia Red®
NingXia Nitro®
NingXia Zyng®
Slique Kit™

Infusing nutritional supplements with the added benefit of essential oils enables nature’s living energy to provide internal bodily support. Young Living’s range of Essential Nutrition products contribute to overall wellness by balancing dietary insufficiencies and infusing the body with essential oils. From the energizing, replenishing, and fortifying benefits of NingXia Red®, a super nutritive power infusion of NingXia wolfberries (goji berries), to a wide array of whole food-sourced multivitamins and minerals, and great-tasting, essential oil-infused meal replacements, including Balance Complete and Slique Kit™, Young Living has unique, effective solutions for health and weight management.

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