Connect to your whole body through your feet!

Reflexology has evolved from ancient traditions as a bodywork practice that applies pressure to specific points on the feet, hands and head that connect to all the glands, organs, and body systems, sending energy impulses that clear blockages and improve circulation.

We begin with a soothing foot soak using Himalayan mineral salt and sea salt infused with therapeutic-grade essential oils. Then we prepare the body with a head and hand massage that begins the awakening of the energy pathways.

Finally, the feet are stimulated through a light pressure point massage that is relaxing, melting away stress and tension, assisting the body’s natural defense against illness and balancing the body’s systems. The feet are one of the best ways to receive the therapeutic-essential oils to support the body’s optimum health which are incorporated into the technique. A tailored selection to your needs is applied throughout the session. It’s like receiving an overall body massage!

Single session: $85.00
Series of 3: $250.00

*All prices are inclusive of HST

Gift Certificates are available in any denomination.

Bookings by Appointment Only
24 hour cancellation notification required; otherwise service fees may apply

*Only Young Living Essential Oils are used in all Aromatherapy techniques.